So today in New Vegas I followed Vulpes around. Basically he went through some mountains, I VALIANTLY DEFENDED him from some EVIL AND DISGUSTING bark scorpion hunters, and then he walks his troops through a fuckin’ minefield, causing them to all cripple a few limbs, including himself. He then walks back to Nipton, chills there for awhile (which is where I took this screenshot) and then walks back to the mountains. I then went to inspect something and he poofed I guess because he was out of my vision. Oh well, perhaps another day, Vulpes. 

In conclusion: Vulpes is a horrible leader and Rebecca has deemed him “most likely to lead his troops off a cliff” because of his stupidity. 

Yes, yes you are Vulpes. 

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    I love you.
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    Whenever I follow Vulpes, he usually gets stuck in some mountains, then walks his sameguy army over to Searchlight,...